Saying farewell to someone we love is one of the most difficult times in our lives. And a bereavement service that reflects that person, and pays respect to who they were and what they meant to us can help us to reflect on, and honour that life, and so begin the process of healing.

As your funeral celebrant I will always conduct your bereavement service with dignity, warmth, joy and respect.

For me working with families at this time and listening to the special stories you tell me is a privilege which always reminds me of George Eliot’s words “Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them” so I am honoured that you trust me to ensure that your final farewell whether at a chapel or graveside funeral, a scattering or interment of ashes or indeed a celebration of life memorial, brings you peace and allows you to begin to remember without pain.

Another favourite quote of mine is “When words are inadequate, have a ritual” and the bereavement ritual of saying farewell to our departed loved one gives us the place to open ourselves to our grief and sorrow allowing us to share our grief so that little by little we can let go of our loss, but never our love.

So, let’s work together to craft a beautiful adieu that will bring you comfort - always and forever.

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Traditional Funeral Services

A funeral service can be held in many different locations, you may choose the chapel at the funeral home, or the crematorium or a service at the graveside, or you may choose a location that has special meaning such as a loved garden or beach, indeed for an avid golfer, perhaps the 19th hole would be fitting, the choice is yours.

My role as your celebrant is to work with you in partnership with your funeral director to craft a service based your departed loved one’s stories, beliefs and values. The insight you give me will allow me to bring the story of their life to family and friends with love, laughter, dignity and pride.

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Scattering of Ashes

A scattering of ashes can occur anywhere at any time, some families like to wait for a significant date such as a birthday or anniversary before scattering their loved one’s ashes.

As your celebrant I will work with you to create a service that reflects and honours not only your loved one, but the place in which their ashes are scattered.

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Celebration of Life Memorials

A Celebration of Life is a memorial that is held instead of a traditional funeral and generally happens sometime after a private cremation or burial. A celebration of life memorial can be held anywhere at any time. As your celebrant I will help you plan a truly wonderful celebration of your loved one’s life, a ceremony that is based on love, laughter and remembrance.

My dad is in his 90’s and together we have already planned his ‘celebration of life’ as he is adamant, he does not want a traditional funeral, he wants his family and friends to come together with food and wine and to laugh and remember him without sorrow.

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Living Wakes

A living wake is held as life is coming to a close, it is a celebration of that person’s life and gives them the chance to have input into and to attend their own celebration. So often at bereavement services people say “I wish I’d had a chance to tell them how much I loved them” a living wake gives you the chance to tell your loved one how you feel, and to celebrate with them the wonderful contribution they have made to your life.

Whilst not for everyone, living wakes are certainly becoming more popular as they focus on their loved one’s life without the sorrow of their passing allowing people to swap tall tales, laugh, cry and reminisce about a life being well lived rather than a life well lived.

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