Love and life, doesn't that say it all, as a very wise woman once said to me "Remember, a life filled with love is a life well lived" these are such powerful words and celebrating love and life is what I'm all about.

There are so many reasons to celebrate and holding a ceremony gives the occasion a special and magical feeling.  From celebrating your engagement with a betrothal ceremony to renewing the vows you made on your wedding day, or welcoming a new addition to the family, a ceremony will celebrate your love and bring joy to all.

In fact, celebrations of life and love extend to our pets too, I offer a full range of pet ceremonies and I give each one the same love, care & professionalism that I give to my people ceremonies.

So please, contact me to discuss your next celebration of life and love.

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Commitment Ceremonies

A ceremony of commitment is exactly like a wedding ceremony an affirmation of your love and pledge to one another, except it is not legally binding. Couples may choose commitment ceremonies over legal weddings if they’ve been married previously or simply favour an alternative way to share and show their love for one another.

A commitment ceremony is also a perfect way to celebrate a polyamorous relationship.

I give my commitment ceremonies the same love, care and personalisation that I give to my more traditional wedding ceremonies, so please give me a call to discuss your commitment ceremony.

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Renewal of Vows

“We do” again!! How beautiful to renew your vows and reaffirm the promises you made to each other on your wedding day. A renewal of vows can be the perfect way to celebrate a special anniversary or to celebrate the strength of your marriage after coming through a challenging time. Warren and I renewed our vows in 2005 over the anvil at Gretna Green and it was a truly beautiful experience.

The elements of your ceremony are limited only by your imagination, you may like to include your children or grandchildren in the ceremony, incorporate a ritual, hold the ceremony in a place of special significance, the choice is yours and together we will craft a ceremony that will honour your love and lives together.

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Engagement or Betrothal Ceremonies

What about a special ceremony to celebrate your engagement?  Incorporating a betrothal ceremony or even a handfasting into your engagement party is a beautiful way to show your commitment to each other. 

Working with you I will craft a ceremony that will solemnise your betrothal and set the scene for a wonderful engagement as you begin your journey towards your wedding vows.

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Welcoming & Naming Ceremonies

The ceremonial naming of a child has a long tradition and is celebrated in different cultures and religions throughout the world. Today, naming and welcoming ceremonies are often held as an alternative to a religious baptism service, they can be held anywhere; your home, a local park or hall, on the beach, the choice is endless.

A naming ceremony formally introduces your child to their extended family and gives siblings an opportunity to officially welcome their new brother or sister. It is a time to bestow blessings on the child and to appoint their guardians, mentors or god parents.

A baby naming ceremony can be held at any time, some parents have a naming ceremony in the first few months of the baby’s life, whilst others prefer to wait and incorporate a naming into the child’s first birthday celebration.

A welcoming ceremony can also be empowering for an older adopted child, allowing them to be welcomed into the new family and shown how much they are loved.

No matter when you choose to hold the ceremony or indeed what type of ceremony you choose, we will work together to make it a celebration of your love that will bring happiness and joy to everyone.

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Transgender Naming Ceremonies

A name should connect us to our identity and individuality, but as a transgender or gender non-binary person, your birth name may no longer do this and you may decide to take a name that reflects who you are now, and ask your family and friends to use this new name.  

This is a watershed moment, a symbolic and visible step to the new you. So, when you’re ready, let’s celebrate with a naming ceremony that marks this important transition in your life.  It will be my pleasure and honour to design a ceremony that will celebrate not only your new name but your new life as the person you have always wanted to be.

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Home Warmings & Blessings

Our homes are our safe place, the place where we live, love and grow together as a family, and in many cultures blessing a home has always been seen as a way of inviting positive energy into the home to keep family and visiting friends who enter the home safe.

There are many types of home blessing rituals, whether Religious, Celtic, Indigenous or Earth Based and I can help you to decide which ritual is right for you.

A beautiful ritual performed during Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) in Scotland is the ‘First Footer’ The First Footer is the first person to officially enter the home that evening, traditionally he must be dark haired and he carries gifts for the house. These gifts are given to the ‘Master of the House’ before the first footer steps over the Threshold. The Master of the House then offers the First Footer a ‘wee dram’ to warm our hearts and seal the luck. This is a lovely ritual to use when blessing a new home.

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Pet Ceremonies

My background in veterinary nursing, animal welfare and tertiary education gives me a wonderful window into the human-animal bond allowing me to craft a unique ceremony that truly reflects your pet and the bond you share.

Pet ceremonies are as important to me as people ceremonies and I give each pet ceremony the same care and professionalism that I give to my people ceremonies.

Your much-loved fur, feathered or finned person is as important to me as they are to you.
There are over 29 million pets in Australia each holding a special place in the heart of their family, I know Midge and Barney are an integral part of ours.

Pets give us love, affection and companionship and holding a ceremony gives you a beautiful way to celebrate that bond. The choice of ceremony is unlimited, whether you wish to welcome and name a new pet, have a fun wedding, hold a blessing, or farewell a deceased pet a ceremony gives you the opportunity to accept responsibility, bestow a name, pay tribute with storytelling or to create a lasting memorial for your beloved pet.

Pet Naming Ceremonies

Bringing home a new pet is an amazing feeling and they quickly establish themselves as a vital member of the family. Holding a welcoming & naming ceremony gives you the chance to officially welcome & name this new family member and to create a sense of occasion for the whole family. Naturally, all pets receive their own naming certificate and a written copy of their ceremony.

Pet Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a great way for children to become involved in the care of their new pet. Working with you we will craft a set of guidelines which I call "My commitment to my pet". During the ceremony, I talk about the 5 freedoms for animals and the 10 commandments for animals from an animals perspective & bestow a blessing on your pet. You and your child then sign the commitment to my pet certificate, this is a great way to involve children in your new pets welfare.

Pet Blessings

Blessings are as old as time itself and they are full of symbolism and magic. As a civil celebrant, my blessings are spiritual rather than religious.

A blessing is a wonderful way for an assistance dog to begin their journey or to say thank you for their service when they retire. In fact, holding a blessing for your pet is a joyous way to thank them for the love and comfort they give us.

I hold personal blessings at any time, or you may like to join with other pet lovers for a joint blessing on World Animal Day which coincides with the Feast of St Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals, on the 4th of October each year.

Pet Weddings

Doggie weddings - also known as puptials - are extremely popular in both the US & UK and are gaining popularity here in Australia especially with Instagrammers and bloggers.

So, if you think your pup would love to say "I do" with their best buddy then I would love to create a fun-filled ceremony just for them (and you of course!!)

Pet Bereavement Ceremonies

Losing a beloved pet is a devastating experience, the grief and pain we feel are enormous; and for children, the death of a beloved pet is often their first experience with the grief death brings.

Holding a bereavement ceremony that celebrates your pets unique place in your lives can help you to say goodbye and begin to work through your grief.

A bereavement ceremony doesn't have to be a funeral where your pet is buried or their ashes scattered, you may choose to hold a celebration of their life in one of their favourite spots or to plant a memorial tree, the choices are many and I can help you to craft a remembrance ceremony that honours and remembers your pet with love laughter & pride.

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